Thursday, December 13, 2012

The Food Plate

As a college student I often find myself ignoring what I know to be good for my body and choosing the unhealthy option... this occasionally is true of things other than food as well, oops!  I don't consider myself to be extraordinarily unhealthy but I was totally shocked when I heard that there was a new food pyramid that the USDA was promoting!

Remember this??  I sure do...
This is no longer the voice of reason, apparently.

What is wrong with the original food pyramid [which was revamped in '05] ??

"it created food hierarchies, while many nutritionists complained that it encouraged people to eat too many grains"

The new and improved food "pyramid" looks a little something like this...

This is more of a general guide put out by the USDA but I think we can all learn a little something from this easy-to-read diagram.  About half of each meal should be dedicated to fresh fruits and vegetables, and half to whole grains and lean, mean protein such as chicken.  If you like maybe a small serving of dairy on the side!  

Eating well is the first step to feeling good and getting your brain up and running, try to plan your meals for a week around this plate and see how it goes!

To learn more about this new plan and other related topics check out this fun, interactive website!

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