Thursday, December 13, 2012

The Med

Happy hour is the best time of day.  College student or not this is the time to relax, have a drink and enjoy some delicious snacks... at least I take happy hour as a time for this.  Some forego the food and just stick to the drinks and others do not relax and use this as the pregame for the pregame, starting the night verrry early.

If you are interested in getting the most bang for your buck while enjoying some of the best tapas around, I highly suggest The Med on Walnut Street in Boulder.  Happy hour is from 3 - 6:30, 7 days a week!!

With 21 cold tapas & 15 hot tapas, ALL priced below $6 each, it easy to find one, two, even three small dishes you love!  And, if you are a big eater I promise you will not be disappointed in these 'small' plates as they are anything but, most come in huge portions and the pizzas are fully-sized! 

And, do not let me forget the drinks!  
The Med has great sangria, $1 off draft beers and $4 wells during happy hour...  
All delicious!  

The last time I was here for happy hour I had forgotten my wallet and only had my I.D. and $20...  what did I order?

Deviled eggs: omg YUM! Made with Harissa, can't go wrong

Gambas Ajillo: Shrimp with garlic & lemon

Prosciutto & Melon: classic, served with basil infused EVOO

Caprese Salad: simple, delicious & refreshing

and a drink!

All for under $20...

I honestly did not need this much food, I shared almost 1/4 of each dish and still left barely able to move.  The service was great and the food came out incredibly fast.  This is a great spot close to the hill for students to try;  the prices are more than manageable during happy hour and the small plates allow you to mix & match, trying a little bit of everything like I did!  

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