Thursday, December 13, 2012

Cauliflower Power

After eating at The Taj I was inspired by an amazing cauliflower dish, so I decided to make my own.  I did not follow a recipe and I did not make an Indian-inspired dish.. but what I did make was delicious all on its own.

One of my absolute favorite things to eat is Brown Butter Sauce... sounds healthy, right?  It is not.  I have been eating anything and everything with this sauce for my entire life and the day that my mom showed me how to make it, my life changed.  

So now I will pass this super simple sauce on to you:

1 stick of unsalted butter
1-2 Tbs. (thats TABLEspoons) of your fave vinegar 
[usually I go for sherry but any will do, balsamic is great too!]
if you are feeling daring throw in a little fresh, dried or even fried sage 

You may want to use a size larger pot than you expect to need, it will probably bubble up the sides and make a mess!

it is very important that you follow the directions or you will burn the fat in the butter, you will ruin your sauce and waste a whole stick of butter... not good!

1.  on LOW heat melt the stick of butter, keep melting it, and wait until you notice a little white foam forming on the top/bottom/edges of the pan

2.  keep cooking the butter on low until this white foam [which is in fact the fat in the butter] begins to turn a lovely golden-brown

3.  At this point you have a choice, the longer you are willing to risk letting the butter burn, the more flavorful your sauce will be... but if you are not feeling risky take it off the heat!!

4.  while the pan is off the heat, pour the vinegar [which you have measured out & waiting] into the butter and wait for the magic to happen!

This sauce is delicious with anything, its super delicious with Butternut Squash Ravioli, on a fried egg or really with anything, what isn't better with butter??

One more thing this sauce is delicious on?  CAULIFLOWER!  All you need is a lemon [or lime!], some garlic, butter and cauliflower...

Here's how:

1.  Start by browning a little butter, you don't need a whole stick for 1/2 head of cauliflower
2.  Mince [chop very finely] some garlic while you wait, once the butter is brown add this to the butter
***garlic burns VERY quickly & tastes terrible, hurry to the next step!
3.  Juice your lemon or lime into the sauce
4.  Add the cauliflower & turn up the heat a little to medium/medium-high 
5.  Once it's cooked all the way through you can brown as long as you like 
[i like everything dark & crispy!!]

Cauliflower is not everyone's favorite veggie but it is super healthy and when prepared in such a flavorful way it is easy to disguise what you thought to be a nasty taste.  Who knows maybe you will change your mind!


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