Thursday, December 13, 2012

Super Duper Food

I love all vegetables and I truly don't understand those people who claim to not enjoy their veggies!!  There are, of course, a few that nearly everyone dislikes and unfortunately, the brussel sprout is one these despised foods!!


I, on the other hand, love these strange little things and I am a converter.  I have been known to make a dish that is so good you won't even know you are eating brussel sprouts...  And when you make it at home it is yummy and affordable!  If you cook for just yourself you can eat this more than once.

Here is all you need:

1 - 2 large sweet potatoes 
1 bag of Brussel sprouts [1 lb. can be used more than once]
Balsamic vinegar
1 Shallot [as much as you like to taste, I love this flavor]
S&P to taste

I typically will cube the sweet potatoes in 1/4 inch pieces, cut the sprouts in half and mince the shallots.

Then brown the shallots in a little butter in a frying pan, adding the vegetables just before they get too dark.  

I do NOT add the vinegar right away but wait until the end when everything is basically cooked through.  Lower the heat and drizzle some over the dish, mixing it up afterwards.  

I am always a fan of adding bacon to dishes and this is no exception, its reallllly good with bacon crumbled on top or some fried pancetta!!  

This also great brain food, these little mini cabbages are a super food and a great source of fiber, low in sodium and cholesterol free!  A part of the cruciferous family, research has suggested that they have phytochemicals [plant compounds with protective properties] in them also.  

This tasty, fast, affordable and healthy.. A win, win, win, win for the starving student, and trust me!  Try this once and you will change your mind about those brussel sprouts!

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