Thursday, December 13, 2012

Snack Time!

Although we swore we would never put ourselves through this again, I think we have all found ourselves in a similar position.

Finals week is creeping up and no matter what your resolutions were this semester chances are you are not as on top of things as you would like to be.  Everyone has that one class they slept through every now and then, the one extra long paper you decided to start 'tomorrow' or the exam you reallllly need a B in to get the grade you want.  It's understandable... with so much going on in and outside of school it can be hard to keep it all straight and get your work done before the bitter end.  

Well, it is now the bitter end and while you are busy devoting a full week of your life to the library why not enjoy a few tasty snacks to keep you motivated?  It is pretty well-known that study breaks improve productivity and keep you refreshed, so next time you and your friends are sick of the hustle and bustle of Norlin, pack up your books and head to one of these conveniently located spots for a quick snack before you get back to it.  

The Taj at Broadway & Baseline in the Basemar shopping center is super close to campus and serves some pretty good Indian food.  My favorite thing is the lunch buffet, I am all about a buffet anywhere but especially at an Indian restaurant.  I used to be a super picky eater and this gives you the opportunity to try a little bite of everything without breaking the bank or wasting a huge amount of food.  Plus, when you have barely slept a wink and you need to get back to the library a buffet is fast, convenient and very affordable.  Not to mention The Taj is literally across the street from Wolf Law and Kittredge!

Hey, if you are really struggling for cash bring a zip-lock and fill your pockets!!  [that was a joke, I do not approve of stealing]

Nobody ever said you had to study on campus, so if you decide to hit up the Boulder Public Library on Arapahoe you are truly adventurous!  Not only have you stepped away from the Hill but you may even see a hobo or two sleeping in the library while you work.  Now that you have had that appetizing experience and you have gotten extraordinary amounts of work done it is snack time!!  [my favorite time]

Because you were adventurous you are now rewarded by hundreds of options around Pearl street, all within walking distance.  But... if you would like to actually return to your work I suggest staying a little closer.  Without even LEAVING the parking lot you have the opportunity to eat the best hot dog in Boulder.  I know that to some a hot dog is absolutely NOT appealing, but Mustard's is a Boulder tradition.  If a hot dog still is not your thing they offer numerous other delicious treats like buffalo burgers, italian sausages, VEGGIE dogs and ... my absolute favorite: their freshly made french fries.  Each order is individually fried and it is oh. so. worth it. 

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