Thursday, December 13, 2012


I LOVE a good surprise!

So, for my friends birthday on Monday I decided to plan a little surprise dinner for the next night, and I knew we had to get sushi!!  I already know of, love, obsess and DREAM about Japango on Pearl but on a Tuesday night, with a group it would be a nightmare.  [Tuesdays are dedicated to All You Can Eat, amazing, go!]  truly, best $30 spent. ever.

So...  I decided to try something outside of the norm, and made a reservation at Kasa Sushi at 15th and Pearl.  

Obviously sushi is a little bit of a splurge and might not make the cut for a typical weeknight but for a birthday?  Absolutely worth it.  Or so I thought.

Don't get me wrong, I do not feel guilt over a few spent dollars, but this experience was a little over the top, even for me.

I split just about everything with my friend, Paige and we spent a combined...

for 2 people? yes.

What we got:
A Flaming Volcano [might have put us over the edge: $22]
[boozy rum drink, too much syrup, not enough 151]

Tempura Asparagus Roll [ my #1 ]

Heart Attack [think jalapeno popper with spicy tuna!] mmm

Special Roll [basically their version of Hapa's famous 69 roll]

Moral of the story:  Kasa sushi was pretty good.  Not as good as Hapa, which I believe is not nearly as good as Japango, but good.

If my mom and dad wanted to take me to dinner?  Maybe.  But really, who wants to waste their money on something that is still less than best? 

Next Tuesday's splurge?  All You Can Eat!!

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